Auto Repair & Troubleshooting

  1. Complete Automotive Troubleshooting & Repair
  2. Drivability Diagnostics
  3. Vehicle Electrical Repair
  4. AC / Air Conditioning Repair
  5. Braking Systems

Car Repair

Vehicle Maintenance & General Car Care

  1. Full Preventative Maintenance
  2. Dealer Recommended Maintenance
  3. Tune-Ups
  4. Fuel Injection Cleaning
  5. Air Intake Maintenance
  6. Wheel Alignments
  7. Brake Pad Replacement
  8. Rotor Replacement & Resurfacing

Car Battery

Check Engine Light Resolution

Your car has a powerful electronic onboard diagnostics system (OBD II / pre 1986 OBD) that controls and regulates vehicle performance including engine speed (RPM), fuel mixture, emissions, ignition timing and automatic transmission shift times. The system is very complex and in instances where the electronic-control system can't correct an issue, the computer illuminates the yellow "Check Engine", "Service Engine Soon" or "Check Power train" light (sometimes it's a simple engine picture).

The OBD II system then stores a "trouble code" in its memory that categorizes the source of the problem, such as a malfunctioning sensor or a misfiring engine. Coffman's Service can scan your car's computer with an electronic scan tool (vehicle diagnostic computer) and get a very good idea of where to begin troubleshooting the check engine light failure. We've been doing this for very long time and our experience along with our advanced diagnostic equipment helps us locate the problem, and fix it quickly, saving you time and money.

Check Engine Indicator

Fleet Repair

Looking for quality Vehicle Fleet Repair and Maintenance in Bucks County, PA? Coffman's Service has a great corporate program for businesses with several vehicles. Having all your company vehicles serviced by a single auto shop allows for simple invoicing, better records, and a single point of contact. Our commercial fleet program is a testimonial to the high quality and value work we've been providing to the Warminster, PA area for over 45 years.

Fleet Maintenance

Automobile Towing Service

Broken down or can't drive your car in? We offer fast response within 20 miles of Warminster, PA. Whether you need emergency towing assistance or plan on having your stationary vehicle towed from its current location, we'll tow your car straight into our repair shop.

Tow Truck Service

Pennsylvania State Vehicle Inspection & Emissions Testing

Coffman's Service is an official Inspection Station certified by the State of Pennsylvania. Full service PA state inspection and emission testing services are available at this location. See our Vehicle Inspections page for details.

PA State Inspection Station